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Manifiesto de los Amigos del Museo de Cine
Le manifeste des amis du Musée du Cinéma (Moscou)
Kundgebung zur Verteidigung des Kinomuseums

The Moscow Cinema museum friends' manifest

This summer the Cinema museum («Muzey Kino») at Krasnaia Presnia, Moscow, will open its doors to the public for the last time.

We've come together to prevent the Cinema museum from disappearing forever. We wish the museum, driven away from its old home, to find a new and lasting place.

We are people of different professions, different ages and political opinions. Students, journalists, cinematographers, entrepreneurs and civil servants. We are united by a common love to the cinematography and gratitude towards the Cinema museum.

Muzey Kino is a cinemateque in the centre of Moscow, containing four cinema halls that daily introduce the viewers to the history of the world cinematography. The repertoire ranges from silent films to contemporary arthouse. Muzey Kino also contains exhibitions and collections, thousands of films, original scripts, drawings of famous cinema masters, memorabilia, puppets and stage props.

The Moscow Cinema museum is more than a museum. It is one of the Moscow cultural centres, a place hosting lectures by film experts, philosophers, critics and directors, festivals of Russian and foreign cinema, seminars on theoretical problems of cinematography. It is a place that became a Home for all of us.
Today, when the museum can become homeless, we stand up to protect it.

Due to a property lawsuit, the museum is leaving the building it occupied since the foundation. We thank the «MosFilm» film studio and private intstitutions for offering a temporary shelter opportunity to the Cinema museum in the present hard times. But we are sure that the Cinema museum should not be broken into parts, divided among different places in different ends of town.

We wish to see the Cinema museum living and its staff continuing to work. Our aim is to save the Cinema museum in its present form. The cinemateque needs a new building capable of accommodating the collections of the museum and capable of screening several cinematographic programs simultaneously.

We call the public officials in charge to understand the contribution of the museum to Russian culture and to make everything possible to save this unique cultural institution. The shutdown of Muzey Kino is a blow to Russian culture, international contacts, and the prestige of our country. We are calling on everyone, capable of helping the museum — state, cultural and educational institutions, individuals and businesses, the media and the city authorities: Cinema museum has to gain a new home.

We demand from the Russian government, the Federal agency on culture and cinematography and Moscow city council to resolve the question of providing the Cinema museum, as soon as possible, with temporary facilities for collections, archives, cinema halls and expositions, until the museum finds its own building.

We've united for these demands to be fulfilled!

A home for the Cinema museum!

You can contact us via e-mail: khitrov [at] muzeikino [dot] com (Arseniy Khitrov)

Музей Кино — больше чем музей. Это один из московских культурных центров, место, где проходят лекции киноведов и философов, критиков и режиссеров, фестивали российского и зарубежного кино, место, где проводятся семинары по теоретическим проблемам кинематографа, место ставшее Домом для всех нас.

Этот сайт предназначен для тех, кто хочет понять, что происходит с Музеем Кино — зрителей, журналистов, кинематографистов.

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